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Veerta Full Length Movie - Veerta Full Movie

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Rating: 2.5 out of 28 votes
Comments (1)
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Category: Bollywood Full Length Movies
Views : 9238

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Hindi Action movie Veerta (1993) Synopsis: Balwant Roy (Pradeep Kumar) is a big industrialist. His daughter Uma (Neena Gupta) is married to Sunderlal's (Prem Chopra's) elder son Raghuveer (Shakti Kapoor). Sunderlal is the managing director of Roy Group of Industries. Balwant Roy's only son, Amar -- nick name Munna (Prasenjit) loves his sister very much. Sunderlal is a greedy character whose intends to hush up the property of Balwant Roy and kill Munna. He plots a consiracy to finish off Munna. But a village boy, Mangal (Sunny Deol) saves Munna's life. Now bothe are living together and Mangal's mother (Seema Deo) feets happy because they love her very much. However, some people recognise Munna and take him back again to his father. Balwant Roy realises that his son's life is in danger and sends Munna to a foreign country along with his trusted employee-friend, Laxman Chacha (Ram Mohan). After many years Sunderlal and Raghuveer become restless and desperate to kill Balwant Roy. They lock up Uma (Neena Gupta) in a cell. Now young Munna returns home and takes charge of the entire business. Sunderlal informs Munna that his sister Uma is very much ailing and has gone to U.S.A for treatment. Munna calls his childhood friend Mangal and appoints him as the new managing director of his business. Here Mangal meets Shalu (Jaya Prada) who is daughter of another industrialist. Jay Prakash (Satyen Kappu) in her childhood, Shalu's marriage was fixed with Munna. But now Shalu falls in love with Mangal and he too accepts her love. Munna does not mind it, because he himself is in love with a village girl Maina (Shanti Priya) from his childhood days. Sunderlal and Raghuveer plot many ideas to finish off Mangal and Munna. Once with the help of Munna's secretary Lili (Aruna Irani) they almost suceed in framing mangal in a false rape and murder case. A misunderstandig, thus develops between Mangal and Shalu who even agrees to marry Sunderlal's younger son Ranveer (Tej Sapru). Finally Mangal and Munna secceed in identifying the real culprits. Do they succeed to punish the culprits ? Does Shalu realise her mistake and will start love to Mangal again ? To know all these answer come to see Kuki Films International's "VEERTAA". Category: Indian Cinema Action & Adventure Crime Starring: Sunny Deol Jaya Prada Neena Gupta Pradeep Kumar Prosenjit Chatterjee Shakti Kapoor Directed by: Shibu Mitra Produced by: Sheetal

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  1. sonu
    2 years, 4 months ago

    Very nice movie

Veerta Full Length Movie Veerta Full Movie Veerta Full Length Movie