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Sharyat Full Length Movie - Sharyat Full Movie

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The film 'SHARYAT' (Race) is about the traditional bullock-cart race that takes place every year in village Rajapur, located in western Maharashtra. The victory in the annual race bestows a distinct honour of performing the first sacred Lord Shiva Puja that year at the ancient Mahadeva temple in the village. The competition for this specific honour is fierce between the two prominent families of Prataprao Deshmukh (Vidyadhar Joshi) and Shankarrao Mohite (Rajan Patil). For years Dhananjay Rao, (Sachin Pilgaonkar) an ace bull racer is winning the race for Gayatri Mohite's (Neena Kulkarni) family. Prataprao is a traditional rival in the annual bull race to Dhananjay. But once, Dhananjay loses the race due to the foul methods deployed by Prataprao to win the race. This ensured that Dhananjay is out of race. Dhananjay hasn't raced in five years because of Prataprao's crooked means that killed few people and injured the bullocks. This situation forced him give up racing and leave the village altogether. Prataparao is been winning the race all this time. Circumstances bring life a full circle for Dhananjay, as he has to race yet again in the last bullock-cart race for a multitude of reasons. This last ever race is due to road being constructed in the village and it is decided whoever wins this last race will be bestowed upon the honour to offer first worship to Mahadeva Temple permanently. This makes the two families restless & the fight to finish competition for this finale begins between Prataprao & Dhananjay. How Dhananjay overcomes all hurdles to win the final race for Gayatri's family forms the rest of story. The Sharyat in the climax is the treat to watch. Sachin looks Macho in the rough & tough role for the first time in his career of 50 years. It's pleasant to see Santosh Juvekar perform as lover boy to Tejashree Pradhan. Other equally and domineering characters being played by Neena Kulkarni, Vidhyadhar Joshi and Tejashree Pradhan are excellent. Director Viju Mane has made a fast-paced drama, keeping the audience engaged. Music by Chinar - Mahesh is a treat. The hit item song 'Sheelachya Aaycha Gho' starring appealing Neha Pendse & the dazzling Laavni 'Raanamadhi Ektach dultoyaa Dultoy Nag' starring gorgeous Bhargavi Chimule are full on entertainment. The duet romantic song 'Mala Saang Na' picturised over Santosh Juvekar & Tejashree Pradhan is delight to watch. All in all the film is a must see. Category: Indian Cinema Action & Adventure Drama Starring: Sachin Pilgaonkar Santosh Juvekar Vidhyadhar Kulkarni Neena Kulkarni Uday Sabnis Tejas Pradhan Kishor Chaughule Rajan Patil Neha Pendse Directed by: Viju Mane Produced by: Darshana Sawant

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Sharyat Full Length Movie Sharyat Full Movie Sharyat Full Length Movie