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Golmaal Returns Full Length Movie - Golmaal Returns Full Movie

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Category: Bollywood Full Length Movies
Views : 904

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Gopal, who lives with his soap-drama-watching-wife Ekta, sister Esha and a mute brother-in-law Lucky, gets stuck in a yacht one night after he saves an attractive young woman Meera from some dreaded goons, while on his way back home from the office. Due to the circumstances, both of them stay back on the yacht. When he arrives home the next day, his over suspicious wife Ekta, suspects him of flirting around with his female employees and having an affair with unknown woman. Knowing how difficult it is to convince her the incident that actually took place the previous night, he invents a story about spending the night with a fictitious friend named Anthony Gonsalves. Ekta becomes suspicious and does not believe his story as she knows that he never had a friend by that name, and hence, she decides to write to Anthony to come and visit her. Gopal then convinces one of his juniors, Laxman Prasad (who is Meera's boyfriend, which is not known to Gopal), to pretend to be Anthony, and meet and convince Ekta that he was indeed telling the truth, in return for a job. Laxman agrees to do so, and everything goes according to plan until the address on which Ekta had written a letter to Anthony turns out to be real. Meanwhile, Gopal finds out that a dead body was found at the same location where he saved Meera from the goons. The Investigating Officer Madhav, who also happens to be Esha's boyfriend, does not get along with Gopal. He finds out that Gopal was missing from his home that very night and that the dead person was Gopal's colleague and Gopal had threatened to kill him over a spat. Madhav also finds out that Lakshman is not the real Anthony. He asks Gopal to get Meera to the police station to prove that Gopal had been with her, not murdering his employee. In panic, his friends hire a woman called Munni who needs money to get her boyfriend Vasooli out of jail. But Munni is kidnapped by the murderer. In a rage, Vasuli comes to Meera's house, where Laxman and Lucky learn the woman was none other than Meera . After an initial shock, they decide to go to the police station. However, Vasuli kidnaps Meera in anger, and they follow him, along with Madhav, Esha and Ekta in tow. Gopal learns that this was a plot concocted by his employer, Sawant to frame him for the murder. The drama grows, as everyone attempts suicide, much to Sawant's anger. Finally, Sawant goes crazy and kills himself. Ekta and Gopal get back together in the end. Lucky meanwhile marries the daughter of the president of Gopal's company, and becomes the new boss, giving a shock to the others. Gopal and Lakshman are the junior bosses while Madhav is a 24 hour guard for Lucky. CAST: Ajay Devgn as Gopal Kareena Kapoor as Ekta Tusshar Kapoor as Lucky Shreyas Talpade as Laxman Prasad Apte / Anthony Gonsalves Amrita Arora as Esha Arshad Warsi as ACP Madhav Singh Ghai Celina Jaitley as Meera Anjana Sukhani as Daisy Pachisia Sharat Saxena as Babloo Pachisia (Owner of Golden Fisheries) Murali Sharma as Sawant (MD of Golden Fisheries) Mukesh Tiwari as Vasuli Ashwini Kalsekar as Munni / Meera Vrajesh Hirjee as Anthony Gonsalves / Atmaram Category: Film & Animation

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Golmaal Returns Full Length Movie Golmaal Returns Full Movie Golmaal Returns Full Length Movie